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AimHi Xmas Party

I stop going to agility for a while but I missed everyone and Riot really likes it, so I go whenever I am physically able. Today was the Dinner, Fun Match & Gift Exchange so I just had to go.

Aim Hi - Handling a Jumpers Course

AimHi Linda
AimHi group
a "Handling a Jumpers Course" hosted by Linda Barton at Aim Hi. The course prepared first-time competitors for what was going to happen on the day of an AAC agility trial. We ran a "Starters" course complete with a judge. A number of the participants will be using this as preparation for the MAC trial on November 11 & 12.

AimHi Kayla
I am going be reducing
AimHi Riot
my involvement in agility as we move towards winter. I will be focusing my efforts on Open training and Rally trialing as these activities are not as demanding on my back.

Thanks goes to Mark Totten for taking these pictures.

Aim Hi - Contacts and Weaves

AimHi group
Participated in a clinic on Contacts and Weaves by Linda Barton at Aim Hi. Riot did very well but I still am not confident that she has master the concept of weaves.

Back at Agility

After a long break I took Riot back to agility classes at the start of July. She is doing very well. Tonight she started doing weaves! It only took 5 minutes and she figured it out. Sometimes I just got to pinch myself she is so smart. I am not very good at agility myself but Riot just runs the small test courses without problem. Speed is going to be a bit of an issue as we progress. Obedience training has conditioned her to match my pace on the course. I am not sure how far we are going to go in agility, but we are having fun.

First Entry

This is my first blog entry for Riot, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd. I want to keep a log of her progress and achievements in a obedience, rally and agility. She received her CARO Rally Novice title in the summer of 2006 with scores of 196-200-199. Sometime in the summer of 2007 we will be competing for her CKC Companion Dog obedience title. She is very good at agility (e.g. better than the handler). Read More...