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Blyth Obedience Trial

The results from the Blyth obedience match, Novice A division (in trial order):
  1. 193 High in Class
  2. 197 1/2 High in Class, tied for High in Trial (winner of run off)
  3. 196 High in Class
  4. 196 High in Class
Even though I didn't think I would, I become nervous and was pretty well a wreck during the first trial. I made several handler errors and was convinced I failed as I left the ring. I was stunned to get a 193 and to win the first High in Class. When I got the scoring sheets I noticed the judge, Paul Oslach, wrote a number of HE's on the page. Paul was very nice and explained that "HE" means handler error. He noticed that I moved my hand every time we started to heel and I back into the stand-for-exmanination exercise. I was pretty upset with myself over making so many mental errors. I basically psyched myself out before I got into the ring. Then I realized that 193 is the worst I could do with Riot. She can pass all by herself.
Blyth HIT
Riot is smart, knows her stuff, and likes to show off. I just needed to relax and stay out of her way.

Susan Des Cotes, the judge for the second trial, was very nice. So nice that Riot went straight for her as soon was we got in the ring. At start of the the routine I was fairly calm, didn't get docked for any handler errors, but I didn't have the impression that we did overly great. I surprised and really really happy to get a 197 1/2 and our second High in Class. I was informed that there was a tie for HIgh in Trial and we would be part of a "run off". I didn't feel any pressure in the run off. The other competitors had more experience ... we weren't suppose to win anything ... just get a CD title. We turn a few heads when we won the HIT (now I know what those big ribbons are at the training halls).

At trails 3 & 4, the next day, with the same judges we received two more High in Class awards with identical 196 scores.

So, Riot now has a CD title. We exceeded any expectations I had before the show began. My post-mortem impressions are:

  • I need Riot to be more focussed at the start line. She is too interested in the judge at the start of the routine.
  • Need to work on the figure eight exercise.
  • I think she can get a score higher. This was a little below the performance level she usually operates at.