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CKC Rally in Bylth

Attended a CKC Rally trial in Blyth, Ontario.
Blyth CKC Rally July 2009
Even though we have not gone to any classes for over a year, Riot breezed her way to a CKC Advanced title.

Tuesday Results:
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Ted Leslie
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Paul Oslach

Wednesday Results:
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Ted Leslie
  • Excellent B - 98 points, 1st place (HIC), judge Paul Oslach

CARO Trial at The Poodle Farm

Competed in a CARO Excellent event at The Poodle Farm in Vanessa. A 198 and an NQ. Not the result I was hoping for (back wasn’t very good today). There were a couple of signs that Riot had trouble with that I had not seen before in Rally:
  • Spread Jump
  • Call Front While Running
The good news is that the jump exercise was performed perfectly (which was a challenge at the Poodle Farm last year).

CKC Rally in Kitchener

German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada held a CKC Rally trial at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium in Kitchener Ontario. The odd thing about this trial was that they laid sod on top to the concrete.

Riot tied for first with 99 points but came in second after the tie breaker. We can now add a CKC Rally Novice title to Riot’s achievements.The judge for the trial was Anne Douglas.

CKC Rally in Bylth

Turned a CKC Rally trial into a mini vacation in Blyth, Ontario. We went to the same trail last year and had a good time. This show continues to be really well run and the food is great.

  • Novice B - 98 points, 4th place, judge Michael Calhoun
  • Novice B - 100 points, 1st place (after time tire breaker for a 4 way tie), judge Carol Bishop

CARO Trial at The Poodle Farm

At The Poodle Farm in Vanessa for the our last Rally event in 2007 and our last chance to get an Advanced title before the end of the year. I wasn't feeling good but Riot was terrific. Two 198 scores, two firsts, one Caro Advanced title. Nice!

CARO Trial at Campaign Dog Academy

Trying to get a CARO Advanced Rally title at Campaign Dog Academy in Georgetown today. Scores:
  • 196
  • 199 - 2nd place
  • NQ - Riot missed a moving down. Initially I thought Riot erred but later on I realized I gave the wrong hand signal.

CKC Rally plus Open Fun Match

Companion Dog Training (our home club) held a fun match for Agility, Obedience and Rally. We completed in Rally Novice and Advanced and Obedience Open. Riot scored in the High 90's on all her Rally runs (CKC rules). I am using this as a warmup for a CARO Rally trial at Campaign Dog Academy on November 10.

In Novice Open (which she started training for in September) she was considerably better than I expected. Her run would have easily qualified with an impressive score. Riot always takes me by surprise with her performance at anything to do with Obedience. It is definitely satisfying to see her talent rewarded with good results.