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Go Leafs! Go

Riot is ready for the Toronto Maple Leafs run at the Stanley Cup.

Not much to write about lately

I have not updated this Blog in quite some time. Back and knee problems has stopped dog training this winter. Riot became an ordinary dog and I was a pet owner (yawn). With warmer weather I am moving better. I am not sure I want focus on training for an Open obedience title. Rally, both CARO and CKC, is something that does interest me. Rally at it’s best is a dance between handler and dog. A good Rally team “flows” around the course. The only problem with Rally is the point system is so lenient that you usually can’t tell who had the better run based on the scores. If I had a Rally dream it would be to attend an invitation only Rally trial. This dream Rally trial would have uber-courses and bring together the best competitors.

This is a long intro to say we’re back ... registered for a Rally trial in Blyth today.

AimHi Xmas Party

I stop going to agility for a while but I missed everyone and Riot really likes it, so I go whenever I am physically able. Today was the Dinner, Fun Match & Gift Exchange so I just had to go.

Back at Agility

After a long break I took Riot back to agility classes at the start of July. She is doing very well. Tonight she started doing weaves! It only took 5 minutes and she figured it out. Sometimes I just got to pinch myself she is so smart. I am not very good at agility myself but Riot just runs the small test courses without problem. Speed is going to be a bit of an issue as we progress. Obedience training has conditioned her to match my pace on the course. I am not sure how far we are going to go in agility, but we are having fun.

Riot entered in CD trials

Registered in two all-breed obedience trials as a Novice "A" competitor. Blyth is an indoor trial put on by the Bluewater Kennel Club at the Bylth Community Centre on July 10, 11 & 12. Woodstock, an outdoor show, is held by the Oxford County Kennel Club on July 13, 14 & 15. In Blyth I am entered in 4 trials. In case we failed to qualified in Blyth I decided to enter 1 trial in Woodstock.

Demo at "Super Pets"

Went to Super Pets today. They were having a 30% discount sale because they are being bought out by "Pet Smart". While talking to the store manager he waved at Riot and she waved back. "Wow ... that's really cool! What else can she do?". She put on a little show for him. He asked if we could give a demo to some kids that were coming shortly. So she did her thing and got a free bag of treats. Our first paying gig!

Pet of the Week : K-W Record June 2, 2007

Pet Of The Week

'You back off. . . .' 'No, YOU back off. . . . ' Riot, an Australian shepherd, stares down a sheep, a favourite weekend sport when there's no Frisbee to chase. Riot also enjoys strolls in Waterloo Park with owner David Baumbach of St. Agatha.

Photo by Brenda Aelick.

First Entry

This is my first blog entry for Riot, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd. I want to keep a log of her progress and achievements in a obedience, rally and agility. She received her CARO Rally Novice title in the summer of 2006 with scores of 196-200-199. Sometime in the summer of 2007 we will be competing for her CKC Companion Dog obedience title. She is very good at agility (e.g. better than the handler). Read More...