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New Day .. New Needs .. New Hosting Provider

I moved my web pages to DreamHost. I knew a few people that want to publish to the web but are confused/don't have the time/lacked the knowledge to understand what to do. HostNine did not offer a cost effective way for me to move up to a package that allows for the creation of multiple accounts.

DreamHost is going to cost 5 times the price of HostNine per year. Even so DreamHost was cheaper than most other companies offering multiple accounts and they had reasonable good reviews. With DreamHost I can create 75 accounts and it offers generous amounts of disk space and bandwidth. I will have enough resources to host several hobbyist/small business accounts. On the downside, the technical support is not as good and it is a cryptic environment to administer. I have the technical expertise to overcome the lack of support. Hopefully a few accounts will get me to break even or maybe make a few bucks.

After a couple of hours of down time, was up and running at DreamHost.