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2007 Harvest Trial Disc Dog Trials

The trial was held at Angela Ewtushik's. We competed in the Novice Single Disc and the Long Thow events. We did not get a qualifying leg on either day. Riot's "sister" Jasmin received her Retrieval Proficiency certificate. At the end of the event Riot was voted as the recipient of the Scruffy Memorial Award. Wow!! I did not expect that.

Highrials 1
This is a group shot of the Highrail teams competing at the event: Sue with Griffin , myself with Riot , Brenda with Seiko Ripple and Sway with Tammy.
Highrail 2

The second picture is a solo shot with Brenda Aelick (the breeder) and the Highrail dogs.

A big thank you goes out to Laura Campbell for taking these pictures.