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CKC Rally in Bylth

Attended a CKC Rally trial in Blyth, Ontario.
Blyth CKC Rally July 2009
Even though we have not gone to any classes for over a year, Riot breezed her way to a CKC Advanced title.

Tuesday Results:
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Ted Leslie
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Paul Oslach

Wednesday Results:
  • Advance B - 100 points, 1st place (HIC, HIT), judge Ted Leslie
  • Excellent B - 98 points, 1st place (HIC), judge Paul Oslach

Halloween 2008

Stop!! You are under arrest!

CARO Trial at The Poodle Farm

Competed in a CARO Excellent event at The Poodle Farm in Vanessa. A 198 and an NQ. Not the result I was hoping for (back wasn’t very good today). There were a couple of signs that Riot had trouble with that I had not seen before in Rally:
  • Spread Jump
  • Call Front While Running
The good news is that the jump exercise was performed perfectly (which was a challenge at the Poodle Farm last year).

Go Leafs! Go

Riot is ready for the Toronto Maple Leafs run at the Stanley Cup.

2008 Harvest Trial Disc Dog Trials

The trial was held at Angela Ewtushik's. We are trying to get the last leg of the Novice Disc Dog title. Wasn’t well enough to good today so ... we are still chasing the elusive Novice Disc Dog title.

CKC Rally in Kitchener

German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada held a CKC Rally trial at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium in Kitchener Ontario. The odd thing about this trial was that they laid sod on top to the concrete.

Riot tied for first with 99 points but came in second after the tie breaker. We can now add a CKC Rally Novice title to Riot’s achievements.The judge for the trial was Anne Douglas.

Jasmin delivers

Jasmin - Litter
Riot's "sister" delivers 10 healthy puppies.
Jasmin -Red
Jasmin - Blue

Dr. Fraser Hale

Dr.Hale picture
Dr.Hale receipt
after returning from Blyth Riot was acting odd when chewing. Closer examination revealed a broken tooth. The local vet confirmed there was a problem and gave me a referral to Dr. Fraser Hale in Guelph ON. An appointment was made and on August 7th Riot was examined by Dr. Hale. He found that 2 teeth were in need of root canal. The cost for the repairs would be $2,004.66. Ouch!

CKC Rally in Bylth

Turned a CKC Rally trial into a mini vacation in Blyth, Ontario. We went to the same trail last year and had a good time. This show continues to be really well run and the food is great.

  • Novice B - 98 points, 4th place, judge Michael Calhoun
  • Novice B - 100 points, 1st place (after time tire breaker for a 4 way tie), judge Carol Bishop

Not much to write about lately

I have not updated this Blog in quite some time. Back and knee problems has stopped dog training this winter. Riot became an ordinary dog and I was a pet owner (yawn). With warmer weather I am moving better. I am not sure I want focus on training for an Open obedience title. Rally, both CARO and CKC, is something that does interest me. Rally at it’s best is a dance between handler and dog. A good Rally team “flows” around the course. The only problem with Rally is the point system is so lenient that you usually can’t tell who had the better run based on the scores. If I had a Rally dream it would be to attend an invitation only Rally trial. This dream Rally trial would have uber-courses and bring together the best competitors.

This is a long intro to say we’re back ... registered for a Rally trial in Blyth today.

AimHi Xmas Party

I stop going to agility for a while but I missed everyone and Riot really likes it, so I go whenever I am physically able. Today was the Dinner, Fun Match & Gift Exchange so I just had to go.

CARO Trial at The Poodle Farm

At The Poodle Farm in Vanessa for the our last Rally event in 2007 and our last chance to get an Advanced title before the end of the year. I wasn't feeling good but Riot was terrific. Two 198 scores, two firsts, one Caro Advanced title. Nice!

CARO Trial at Campaign Dog Academy

Trying to get a CARO Advanced Rally title at Campaign Dog Academy in Georgetown today. Scores:
  • 196
  • 199 - 2nd place
  • NQ - Riot missed a moving down. Initially I thought Riot erred but later on I realized I gave the wrong hand signal.

2007 Winter Warmup Disc Dog Trails

Back at Angela Ewtushik's for our final outdoor disc dog event of the year. I also had a chance to say goodbye to Brenda Aelick (she is moving to Sault Saint Marie in early November).

We didn't get a qualifying score (my throws were not very good ... sorry Riot). We did get a 135' catch in the longest throw contest.

CKC Rally plus Open Fun Match

Companion Dog Training (our home club) held a fun match for Agility, Obedience and Rally. We completed in Rally Novice and Advanced and Obedience Open. Riot scored in the High 90's on all her Rally runs (CKC rules). I am using this as a warmup for a CARO Rally trial at Campaign Dog Academy on November 10.

In Novice Open (which she started training for in September) she was considerably better than I expected. Her run would have easily qualified with an impressive score. Riot always takes me by surprise with her performance at anything to do with Obedience. It is definitely satisfying to see her talent rewarded with good results.

Aim Hi - Handling a Jumpers Course

AimHi Linda
AimHi group
a "Handling a Jumpers Course" hosted by Linda Barton at Aim Hi. The course prepared first-time competitors for what was going to happen on the day of an AAC agility trial. We ran a "Starters" course complete with a judge. A number of the participants will be using this as preparation for the MAC trial on November 11 & 12.

AimHi Kayla
I am going be reducing
AimHi Riot
my involvement in agility as we move towards winter. I will be focusing my efforts on Open training and Rally trialing as these activities are not as demanding on my back.

Thanks goes to Mark Totten for taking these pictures.

2007 Harvest Trial Disc Dog Trials

The trial was held at Angela Ewtushik's. We competed in the Novice Single Disc and the Long Thow events. We did not get a qualifying leg on either day. Riot's "sister" Jasmin received her Retrieval Proficiency certificate. At the end of the event Riot was voted as the recipient of the Scruffy Memorial Award. Wow!! I did not expect that.

Highrials 1
This is a group shot of the Highrail teams competing at the event: Sue with Griffin , myself with Riot , Brenda with Seiko Ripple and Sway with Tammy.
Highrail 2

The second picture is a solo shot with Brenda Aelick (the breeder) and the Highrail dogs.

A big thank you goes out to Laura Campbell for taking these pictures.

Georgetown Obedience Trail

The results from the Georgetown obedience match, Novice A division (in trial order):
  1. 196 High in Class
  2. 194 1/2 High in Class

We were the third dog in the ring in the morning. In the first trial I lost 2 1/2 points for handler errors (all on the recall). I was told I moved my hands on the recall. By afternoon the temperature had risen to 34° C, Riot was pretty tired and was lagging continuously. Couldn't blamed her, I was tired too and wanted to go home.

I need to get rid of my bad habits before I compete again.

Aim Hi - Contacts and Weaves

AimHi group
Participated in a clinic on Contacts and Weaves by Linda Barton at Aim Hi. Riot did very well but I still am not confident that she has master the concept of weaves.

2007 Summer Breeze Disc Dog Trials

The trail was held in Mount Forest at Angela Ewtushik's. We competed in the Novice Single Disc and the Long Thow events. Unfortunately we did not qualify (I think we are sitting on 3 qualifiers). Our longest throw was a not so great 81 feet.

Back at Agility

After a long break I took Riot back to agility classes at the start of July. She is doing very well. Tonight she started doing weaves! It only took 5 minutes and she figured it out. Sometimes I just got to pinch myself she is so smart. I am not very good at agility myself but Riot just runs the small test courses without problem. Speed is going to be a bit of an issue as we progress. Obedience training has conditioned her to match my pace on the course. I am not sure how far we are going to go in agility, but we are having fun.

New Day .. New Needs .. New Hosting Provider

I moved my web pages to DreamHost. I knew a few people that want to publish to the web but are confused/don't have the time/lacked the knowledge to understand what to do. HostNine did not offer a cost effective way for me to move up to a package that allows for the creation of multiple accounts.

DreamHost is going to cost 5 times the price of HostNine per year. Even so DreamHost was cheaper than most other companies offering multiple accounts and they had reasonable good reviews. With DreamHost I can create 75 accounts and it offers generous amounts of disk space and bandwidth. I will have enough resources to host several hobbyist/small business accounts. On the downside, the technical support is not as good and it is a cryptic environment to administer. I have the technical expertise to overcome the lack of support. Hopefully a few accounts will get me to break even or maybe make a few bucks.

After a couple of hours of down time, was up and running at DreamHost.

Woodstock Obedience Trial

The results from the Woodstock obedience match, Novice A division:
  • 196 High in Class, High in Trial
Woodstock HIT

William Neville was the judge in the trial. When Mr. Neville was handing out the awards he turn to me and said "Thank god you came to my trial. You have restored my faith in dog training". He then proceeded to give me a hug. The words and the gesture were totally unexpected and very much took me by surprise.

The outcome of the last four days have left me overwhelmed. I just wasn't prepared for this much success. It has been a surreal experience. As far as I know nobody at Companion Dog Training (where I have trained since Riot was a puppy) knows the results. On Tuesday, at my next class, I will tell them.

Blyth Obedience Trial

The results from the Blyth obedience match, Novice A division (in trial order):
  1. 193 High in Class
  2. 197 1/2 High in Class, tied for High in Trial (winner of run off)
  3. 196 High in Class
  4. 196 High in Class

Web Hosting & Domain Name

I have been running the web site off my home server over the last few weeks. Service outages and inconsistent response times prompted me to research an affordable web hosting alternative. The first thing I would need is a domain name. I wanted a name that was both generic and easy to remember. Originally I was looking for a "davesworld" domain name but they were all gone. I was pleased to find that "" was available, so I registered it. As for a web hosting service, it had to offer both excellent value (e.g. cheap) and have a good service record with it's customer base. was getting excellent customer ratings and price, less than $30/year, satisfied my budgetary constraints.

I am using "RapidWeaver" to create the web pages. The pages were transfered to HostNine and I was up and going in just a few hours.

Riot entered in CD trials

Registered in two all-breed obedience trials as a Novice "A" competitor. Blyth is an indoor trial put on by the Bluewater Kennel Club at the Bylth Community Centre on July 10, 11 & 12. Woodstock, an outdoor show, is held by the Oxford County Kennel Club on July 13, 14 & 15. In Blyth I am entered in 4 trials. In case we failed to qualified in Blyth I decided to enter 1 trial in Woodstock.

Demo at "Super Pets"

Went to Super Pets today. They were having a 30% discount sale because they are being bought out by "Pet Smart". While talking to the store manager he waved at Riot and she waved back. "Wow ... that's really cool! What else can she do?". She put on a little show for him. He asked if we could give a demo to some kids that were coming shortly. So she did her thing and got a free bag of treats. Our first paying gig!

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Mono Cliffs 1
Today we went on a 10k hike through Mono Cliffs Provincial Park put on by Dog Paddling Adventures. It was our first outing with them ... we had a good time.
Mono Cliffs 2

Pet of the Week : K-W Record June 2, 2007

Pet Of The Week

'You back off. . . .' 'No, YOU back off. . . . ' Riot, an Australian shepherd, stares down a sheep, a favourite weekend sport when there's no Frisbee to chase. Riot also enjoys strolls in Waterloo Park with owner David Baumbach of St. Agatha.

Photo by Brenda Aelick.

First Entry

This is my first blog entry for Riot, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd. I want to keep a log of her progress and achievements in a obedience, rally and agility. She received her CARO Rally Novice title in the summer of 2006 with scores of 196-200-199. Sometime in the summer of 2007 we will be competing for her CKC Companion Dog obedience title. She is very good at agility (e.g. better than the handler). Read More...